Nova Carts (Purple Punch)


Nova Carts Purple Punch 1000mg


Nova Carts Purple Punch

Nova Carts Purple Punch has A Flavor Profile Of Fruit Punch, Skittles, And Grape, Your Taste Buds Will Be Soaring In A Fruity Ecstasy In No Time At All. It Also Causes A Tremendous Dose Of Relaxation To Flow Through The Body, Starting At The Top Of The Head And Moving Down.

Purple Punch is known for her ability to lift one’s spirits with ease, so it’s no surprise that medical users turn to her when they are down in the dumps. Both stress and depression are relatively quickly, and instances of bodily pain. If you have a headache, cramps, muscle spasms, or nearly any other ailment, turn to Purple Punch. Obviously, this bud is also great for individuals who battle insomnia on a regular basis.

Purple Punch Nova Carts

Mystery breeders are to thank for bringing Purple Punch into our lives. As this potent bud offers a burst of flavor with effects that you’ll crave time and time again. Crossing Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG was a smart idea. As this indica-dominant strain brings forth the best in both of her parents. Individuals who are longing for equally strong mind and body effects should give this bud a go.

Just when you thought cannabis couldn’t get any better, you stumble upon a new and even more promising flavor. Purple Punch is a strain that gives euphoric high and delicious fruit-forward flavor – an enticing combination for discerning cannabis enthusiasts!

Purple Punch

The Purple Punch cannabis strain offers a blissful experience that feels as stimulating as it does grounding. It also provides a number of medicinal and therapeutic benefits.Our guide below covers everything you need to know, from the strain’s unique purple appearance to its dreamy, relaxing effects.

Purple Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with an 80:20 ratio of indica to sativa. What makes this flavor exceptional is that alongside the calming effects of indica, its hybridization with Sativa results in a focused high that will give you the motivation to carry out a wide variety of activities.



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