Nova Carts (Super Nova)


Nova Carts Super Nova 1000 mg


Nova Carts Super Nova

Nova Carts Super Nova 1000 mg Provides A Deliciously Citrusy And Fruity Lemon Flavor On The Inhale, Which Is A Real Treat For The Taste Buds.

Surprisingly, Supernova is quite the espresso-like to the brain for an indica. It can encourage sociability, stimulate creativity, and otherwise get a smoker going in the morning. Its high primarily affects the head, relieving stress, low moods, and insomnia, though it may also help with controlling pain and nausea, too.

Super nova Nova Carts

Formerly known as “Chronic,” is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by combining DJ Short’s iconic Blueberry with the Afhgani landrace Mazar-i-Sharif. Its forest-green and chunky buds shine with trichomes, with effects that are believed to feel relaxing, both physically and mentally, euphoric, and even sleep-inducing. Leafly reviewers laud Supernova for its help with aches and pains as well as PTSD symptoms. Some even find it appropriate for a euphoric daytime smoke. Supernova’s THC level is believed to reach as high as 24% THC. The dominant terpene is pinene. The sweetness of the strain’s berry notes combine with spicy and musky flavors for a complex palate. Medical marijuana patients would benefit from using this strain during and after treatments for cancer and fibromyalgia.

Formerly known (and in many places still better known) as Chronic, Supernova is a super-potent indica-dominant hybrid out of Amsterdam (sativa/indica ratio of 25:75). THC values are through the roof, with at least one sample measuring 25%. That means an intense body high with deep relaxation, strong euphoria, creativity, and clear thinking.

Supernova also produces powerful hunger that makes it ideal for treating wasting and eating disorders. Supernova is also effective for the treatment of headaches, inflammation, insomnia, and stress. But because there isn’t much data on the CBD content of this strain. It shouldn’t be relied upon as the only source of medicine for seizures or other conditions that require CBD. Supernova produces a smooth, sweet flavor and an earthy, musky smell.


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