Nova Carts (Pineapple Express)


Nova Carts Pineapple Express 1000mg


Nova Carts Pineapple Express

Nova Carts Pineapple Express 1000mg Taste Is Likened To Fresh Apple And Mango, With A Taste Of Pineapple, Pine, And Cedar. This Hard-Hitting Hybrid Provides A Long-Lasting Energetic Buzz Perfect For Productive Afternoons And Creative Escapes.

It’s one of the most famous strain names in cannabis. Its tropical vibes and electrifying effects have cemented its reputation among cannabis lovers—and a major Hollywood production helped, too. We’re talking, of course, about Pineapple Express.

A strain that needs no introduction, everyone’s heard of Pineapple Express at some point. But fewer people have actually tried this legend themselves. We’re here to help get you acquainted with Pineapple Express, one of the best Sativa hybrid strains at Greenside Rec, in this post.

Pineapple Express Strain

Pineapple Express is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid. And while its genetic profile is fairly balanced, it definitely has effects typical of a sativa strain. It boasts a powerful euphoria and uplifting energy.

Pineapple Express is also a fairly potent strain with a relatively high THC content. Clocking in around 25%, Pineapple Express doesn’t mess around. In addition to its high THC concentration, it also features notable CBG content at around 1%. That may sound low, but it’s actually a respectable number when it comes to CBG content. This minor cannabinoid help reduce pain and inflammation according to some sources.

About this Hybrid Strain

Pineapple Express is a hybrid cannabis strain that tastes tropical, with a pineapple appeal and undertones of spices and cedar. When harvest ready, this strain produces dense light green buds with slight purple hues.

Its THC content usually averages between 12-17% and doesn’t get much higher than this. Despite its acclaimed psychedelic stardom from the stoner movie “Pineapple Express,” its high is actually on the milder side. However, consumers enjoy its softer cerebral effects that increase creativity, can break through writer’s block, and increase social inventiveness while also inducing a light body buzz the relieves mild aches. Focus and awareness are often heightened. This is a lovely strain for consumers that are entering the cannabis scene.

The most notable ill side-effect is dry mouth, with some claiming it also creates dry eyes. While more unlikely than not, some have reported slight bouts of paranoia and dizziness that occurs when consumed improperly.


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