Nova Carts (Karibbean Mango)


Nova Carts Karibbean Mango 1000mg.


Nova Carts Karibbean Mango

Nova Carts Karibbean Mango 1000mg Has A Sweet And Tropical, Fruity Mango And Banana Taste, Blended With A Distinctive Kush Flavor. Enthusiasts Of This Strain Say That It Has An Uplifting And Euphoric Buzz, But Also Makes You Feel Deeply Relaxed.

Strain Info

We can all agree that this strain sounds absolutely delicious. The sweet mango aromas and delicious tropical flavors accompany the high with a touch of paradise. This indica-dominant hybrid came to light after Mango Skunk and Black Domina made sweet love on a beach somewhere. This strain won several awards for inducing super narcotic indica sensations, and for its tropical essence.

This strain attempts to outgrow coconut trees; she can reach up to 300cm in height. She yields around 480g/m² in indoor settings and approximately 550g/plant outdoors. The flowering time lasts for around 65 days. Karibbean Mango is resistant to pests and gets harvested at the end of September when grown outdoors. This cultivar can produce dense nugs.

Karibbean Mango Nova Carts

With Karribean Mango (aka Karibena) Kannabia offer you a cocktail of tropical aromas and flavours. In this cross they have used a Mango Skunk base, with a very defined sweetness. But they wanted to propose you a variety outstanding for something else, for this reason they crossed it with Black Domina, and obtained a very succulent result with prevailing sugary touches and acid, bitter nuances (tangy fruits and cypress), citrus in some occasions.

Moreover, you will have in your hand a pale seed, a fruit waiting for ripening. Flowers have a big size, and could become huge due to the influence of Black Domina. For this reason, we will have to fertilize it constantly to obtain exuberant results and a more narcotic effect. This variety flowers develop long, thick tails which look spongy. But they may trick you because they are really heavy and dense, Black Domina signature. You will be surprised by the buzz. In conclusion, a fresh fruit bite, a bite to the fellow Caribbean.


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