Nova Carts ( Grape Lemonade )


Nova Grape Lemonade 1000 mg


Nova Carts (Grape Lemonade)

Nova Carts Grape Lemonade 1000 mg’s High, Though Indica Dominant, Is A Fast Paced Experience That Will Carry You Through The Day Without Putting You To Sleep.

The Grape Lemonade strain feels just like having a jawbreaker in your mouth. This iconic indica bud is the result of the infamous Godzilla crossed with Lemon Swiss. Although its THC level might be low, with 18% content at its best, Grape Lemonade shouldn’t be underestimated. Loved by both consumers and breeders, the shiny trichomes of the Grape Lemonade strain, its effects, and taste are a total treat to the senses.

Nova Bars

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EFFECTS Grape Lemonade Nova Carts

When smoking a Grape Lemonade strain, the first thing you will notice is a mood-boosting sensation. This indica strain melts stress away and replaces it with euphoric feelings. A cerebral high will take over your mind, but it is not as strong as to leave you knocked-out. As for your body, you will experience warm waves of a tingling buzz that will relieve pain and inflammation. The long-lasting effects of Grape Lemonade are one of the reasons why users love to use this strain to treat stress, anxiety, fatigue, and muscle spasms.


Although the parents of Grape Lemonade are not very popular, they both have a remarkable set of effects and characteristics. First bred by Smoke-a-lot, Grape Lemonade is a strain with great phenotype that will please any consumer or breeder.


Being one of the most believed strains should develop, Grape Lemonade is an unquestionable necessity. Numerous clients like to have their own personal harvest at home, since it is not difficult to develop and conveys a medium yield. Coming to up to 51 inches and delightful, thick buds, the Grape Lemonade strain is elusive available.


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