Nova Carts (Bubble Gum)


Nova Carts Bubble Gum 1000mg


Nova Carts Bubble Gum

Nova Carts Bubble Gum Is A Classic Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Marked By Sweet And Fruity Flavors. This Strain Has The Ability To Numb Your Body While Leaving Your Mind Feeling Clear Of Any Stressors.

Bubblegum Flavor Vape Juice has recently become one of the most popular flavors since 2016. The influx of bubblegum E-Liquid has hit the vape market by storm, offering a variety of classic favorites such as blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and original bubblegum. Bubblegum vape juice is in the same category as candy due to the sweet flavor. Get ready to blow bubble clouds with the assortment of bubblegum ejuice flavors made available from our wide selection of premium brand ejuice collection.

Bubble Gum Nova Carts

Because of its heavy Indica content, Bubblegum should generally be used at nighttime, or at a time when you have no need to be productive. Since it has a sedative nature, it may lower your energy levels or ability to focus on a task. Bubblegum is great for those who enjoy a boost of creativity, given its ability to ignite artistic thought and expression. The high starts out as a wave of happiness and joy, with users entering a giggly, light headspace. shrooms


As the effects begin to level out, the user is led into a calmer, sleepier state of being. Because its THC content isn’t particularly high, Bubblegum Kush generates fairly light effects that aren’t too overwhelming for the user. Its mellow high will gradually bring about a sense of calmness, and a flow of general pain relief which numbs every part of the body. In addition to its pleasant effects, this strain has a delicious bubble gum flavor that fills the throat as you inhale. The smoke is quite smooth, and users can easily take in puffs without coughing or choking.

Bubblegum is helpful in treating a wide range of mental and physical ailments. For example, this strain can be use for conditions such as chronic stress. Due to its ability to lessen and melt away worries. Chronic stress is usually a result of anxiety, and the euphoric, calming effects of Bubblegum can easily aid in boosting one’s mood and promoting a sense of mental stability. This strain can also reduce psychomotor agitation which results from ADD and ADHD. The Bubblegum strain is also useful for those suffering from musculoskeletal pain. Its moderate levels of THC can help to ease back and neck pain.




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